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Published 06/27/2018

To Repair or Not To Repair... That is the question.

When your machine goes down, the number one priority is to get it back up and running. Larger-sized shops usually have a critical spare on the shelf to eliminate downtime. If not, you will have to determine what to do—Repair or Replace? There is no right or wrong answer and sometimes the market will make the decision for you. On older or scarce parts, you may have to repair, as it is often the only option available.

For most manufacturing facilities, there are several considerations to think about. How long can you wait? How much will it cost? Most only consider the hard cost of repair vs. the actual cost of purchasing a refurb or new unit. But what about downtime and how much it is costing your shop per day in lost goods production, in addition to the replacement cost? Some companies will require production to shut down for 5-10 days waiting on a repair. Can you afford this, or do you need to get back up and running due to tight deadlines? Also, some of these parts can get pricey and you may need to set up a credit account, which most reputable companies will do.

If you don’t have a spare and it is an obsolete part, you may have no choice except to have it repaired. Make sure you choose a reputable experienced company that gives free evaluations, upfront estimates, and offers a warranty on all repairs. Does the company only fix what is broken, or do they also refurbish the part by replacing other components that are prone to fail? If they only do basic repair, something else could break after you re-install the part in your machine. Does the company have “rush” repair vs. standard repair to expedite services if needed? What is the cost difference? How long will it take to get your machine running properly again?

Purchase - Refurbish or New Part
Purchasing usually equals a quicker time frame, if you can purchase a new or refurbished part with same-day shipping. Again, make sure you are dealing with a reputable industrial electronics supplier with a lot of inventory on hand. Make sure the company tests all parts and offers a warranty. Sometimes a refurb is not available, and you may have to purchase new, which will typically cost more. Also, how fast can they ship it to you?

TIE Automation Repair offers free evaluations, which means you are never left in the dark. Our upfront estimates let you know what to expect to pay – no unwanted surprises. All repairs are tested in our factory-authorized repair center, backed by a 1-year in service warranty. TIE is a fully-integrated electronic repair center, fixing what is broken and then refurbishing the part to OEM specs. We offer everything you need to get your machine up and running with confidence, including a rush repair option for expedited services. Contact us today – because production can’t wait until tomorrow.

Tie Repair servcies over 275 brands, including ABB, Allen Bradley, Baldor, Indramat, Mitsubishi, Okuma, Reliance, Siemens, Yaskawa. We repair motors, drives, PCB and PLC units, welders, and display units.

For FANUC related repairs and other servcies, please visit our TIE-FANUCWorld site here.